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Imagine Nouis for Carly :)

Your wish 

Carly POV

My boyfriend Louis and I decided to have some relaxing time at his house for our one year anniversary . Im glad hes here cause i haven’t seen him for about 6 months because hes so busy with the tour and what not. We cuddled on the couch eating some sandwich. As soon as we finished, I put the plates in the dish washer and pulled my hair up in a pony tail.

"Babe, imma go take a shower okay?"Louis  said going half way up the stairs.

"Okay dont be too long" I said giggling. He smiled at me and made his way to the shower. I plopped on the couch flipping though the channels then the door bell rang. I sighed knowing that i have to get up. I got up and fixed my shirt. When i opened the door , i saw Niall leaning on the door. "Oh Hey, Louis in the sh-" He cut me off with his lips smashed onto mine. It felt good at first but then i realzied that what i was doing was wrong. I pulled away and gave him a dirty look. "Niall What are you doing! Im with Louis remember?" I said furious. Scared that Louis would have caught me.

"Carly, dont play dumb with me, I know you want me so bad" He said in your hear playing with your pony tail and one hand on your waist. I heard Louis walk down the stairs and tried to get out of Nialls grasp but it was too late. Louis was looking straight at me with no emotion on his face.

"Hey Niall" He said shaking his soaked hair and his shirt off like nothing was happening.

"Sup Lou" Niall said back to him again like nothing is happening. 

"Lou baby, i swear this is nothing okay?" I tried to persuade him that it really was noting. Niall and Louis looked at me while they talked in the kitchen. I was afraid on what they were planning.

"Babe, remember when you said you wanted a threesome?" My face turned completely red as i turned to Niall.

"Yea…" I said quietly embarrassed about it.

"Well Niall decided that he wanted to be part of it and i was totally okay with it." He said as Niall pulled me into his arms . "Go ahead Niall." Louis said to him as his face got closer and closer to mine. His lips slammed onto mine once again. His tongue trached my bottom lip as our mouths moved in sync. His hands moved down to my bum squeezing it a bit. His lips then moved down to my neck leaving me love bites. I looked at Louis who began to undo his pants. Niall did the same then he pulled my shirt over my head, realizing that i didnt have a bra, so he sucked on my right nipple while massaging my left breast. A slight moan came out of my mouth making him turn on. I could tell because of his erection in his pants. I felt my self getting wetting wetter and wetter. I turned my head to see Louis jerking his massive member in his hand , pumping it slowly. Niall then moved down pulled my panties down with his teeth. 

"Look at you all excited for me" He said beginning to lick my clit slowly teasing me. His fingers toyed around my entrance. He saw how irritated i was getting so he then lick me faster and pumped his finger into me hard and fast. 

"Oh my god Niall, Im gonna fucking cum" I yelled, grabbing onto his hair. He pumped into me faster as i reached my high. "AHhh!" I screamed letting myself go all over his fingers. He licked it up clean. I got on my knees palming him through his boxers. A slight moan escaped his lips. I slowly pulled his boxers down letting the hair touch his harden cock. I grabbed it with my cold hand making him twitch a bit but then got used to it. I licked the tip, swirling it with my tongue. I then began sucking on him harder and harder.

"Baby, that looks so hot , i cant take it anymore." Louis said standing up, then placing himself at my entrance. With out any warning , he slammed himself into me making me scream   on Nialls cock. 

"Oh god Carly, I love it when you moan on my cock." Niall said as i stroked him faster , licking his tip. Louis continued fucking harder and faster. 

"Ughhh Babe, im gonna cum!’ He said in the crook of me neck. I also reached my high and cam all over his cock . A couple thrusts later he released himself in me. Niall cam at the back of my throat making me swallow his hot liquid. All three of us laid on the floor completely naked. I drew circles on Louis chest biting my lips

"Soooooo That was fun. I think we should do it again." Niall said putting his cloths back on an leaving. I also grabbed my cloths waving good bye at Niall.

"I would love to do this again." I said to both the boys winking at them.

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