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#1 Liam Payne Dirty Imagine Doctor Payne.


I waited and waited to see the doctor outside the lounge.My  stomach hurts and needed to see a doctor. Finally my name was called and so I walked in. I saw a hot doctor that looked mature. Very very hot. His hair swooshed up and brown eyes.

"Hello" He said smiling at me. I looked at him and though of all the things I wanted to do to him. My stomach pain went away but my thoughts didnt. I began getting wet between my thighs. "So you have stomach pain?" He said as I took a seat on the chair folding my legs. He looked at me and smiled cheekily.  "Im gonna need you to raise your shirt a bit so i could check if anything is wrong." I slowly lifted my shirt and saw him watching my every move. He then licked his lips then began to touch my stomach , pressing to see if somethings wrong. He looked up at me then smiled. I couldnt take it anymore so i pressed my lips on his. He didnt even pull back. Instead he kissed back hard. His hands never moved from my stomach. Instead he moved his hands up to my breast massaging it roughly . He then pulled my shirt off with one quick movement while his other hands travel down to the button of my jeans and poped it open. His hand began to rub me through my panties making me soaked. He took off his coat and took his shirt off too. 

"Oh god.. I want you so bad" I said as he began to kiss my neck. With a swift movement, he took my jeans and panties off having me with only my bra on. He then unclasped it and threw it with the rest of the pile. "God fuck me Doctor payne" I said . He then laid me down on the hospital bed genitally.

"Ill make the pain go away and call me liam love" He said rubbing himself at your entrance. He then slowly pushed in his 9 inch cock into you. You squeal in pain but soon pleasure rushes over your body. "You so beautiful" He said smiling at you as his thrusts got harder and harder. 

"LIAM. AHH IM GONNA CUM!"You scream gripping onto his back hard. Your nails roughly digging in his back. 

"Ahh me to baby" A couple thrusts later you both reached your highs and came at the same time. "Whats your name?" He asked looking into you catching his breath.

"Y/N" You said putting your clothes back on.

"Well i think your one of my best patients and should come in as much at you can". He said winking at you. 

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