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#1 Louis tomlinson Dirty Imagine Forgot my keys.


I got out of my school as quick as i could. I needed to get away from these people! I honestly hated school. It was a total waist of time. I headed to my car and realized i left my keys in the class room. “Shit!” I cursed under my breath. I walked back to my math class and saw my brother and his friend Louis. They were both seniors and i was still a junior.

"Hey Y/N! Where ya going!" My brother asked holding a soccer ball in his hands.

"Hey A/N, I forgot my keys so i gotta go get it. See you later" I said to him waving. I felt someone staring at me so i turned a bit and saw Louis staring at my bum. I didnt mind because i fancied him quiet a lot. I smiled then trialed off to get my keys. Luckily the door was open and no teacher to be found. I grabbed my keys and headed to my car. I saw Louis leaning against the hood of my car.

"Hey!" He said smiling. I unlocked my door and said hi back.

"Where you off to?" He asked getting in the car with me.I looked at confused yet a smile on my face.

"I was planning on going home. Why want a ride to chill with my bro?" I said starting up the car. He began to touch my thighs a bit.

"Well you brother has a soccer game and wont be home and so i thought maybe ill keep you company." He said rubbing my leg. I looked at him and realized what he was thinking and didnt mind it. I began driving off back home. His hands began to trail up the button on my jeans and unbutton it. From there he put this hands in my pants and began to rub my clit. i began to moan but tried my best to keep my eyes on the road. He started to put two fingers into me and thrusted them over and over again.

"Shit Lou, im driving!" I said but feeling the pleasure. He didnt stop. Instead he thrusted harder and harder. "Oh god! im cu-cuming!" I said then came all over his fingers. He pulled it out of my jeans and licked his fingers clean. I pulled up to my drive way and pulled louis into my house. I felt like i couldnt wait any longer. I quickly locked the doors and pulled him up to my room and pushed him on my bed. I began to strip my clothes down till im in my bra and my panties. I pulled his shirt over his head and threw it somewhere in the room.

"God Y/N, Ive always wanted to be with you. Ive always wanted to fuck you so bad" He groaned in my ear.I pulled his pants down and got down on my knees. I felt him through his boxers. He tilted his head back then i began to pulled it down. I held his cock in my hands pumping it slowly and licking the pre cum on the tip. He licked the shaft going up slowly. I knew he couldnt take it anymore cause he pushed my head down on his hard member. I began to bop his head up and down till i felt his dick twitch in my mouth and tasted the salty cum in my mouth. I got up and pulled off my soaked panties and unclasped my bra. I began making out with him once more and he flipped me over so that i was on the bottom and he was on top. His tip was that my entrance penetrating me. 

"Can you please fuck me and quit teasing me?" I said giggling a bit. He began kissing my neck and thrusted into me. I wasnt fully adgusted  to his length so it hurt a bit but a couple thrusts later i began to feel the pleasure. 

"God your so tight!" He said against your neck. " Say my name baby" He said sucking on your neck.

"Ugh fuck yes Louis!" 

"I cant hear you!" He said trusting harder and harder.

"SHIT LOUIS IM GONNA CUUUM!" You began to reach your climax and came all over his cock. He also released himself but not in you but on you cause he didnt want to get you pregnant. 

"That felt so good!" He said putting his arms around you.

"Hmm you wanna go take a shower" You said giving him a suductive look. You got up and headed to the shower. He walked behind you and began round two in the shower.


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